Wednesday, 6 January 2016

7 Types Of People You Find In Group Chats Or Types Of People That Comment On Blogs


1.‎ PASSERS BY:- They are the one’s that don’t really comment on posts and if some of them will comment,it won’t be sensible like “any blackberry charger here” “just passing by” “just dey observe” e.t.c

2. PROFESSORS:- The self acclaimed professors are very common in every group chats, they write grammars in discord to their sentence just to prove their fake professorship.

3. Attention Seekers:- They are the one’s that use vulgar words, comment out of box, use bad English intentionally, just to be noticed.

4. Constructive Criticizers:- They criticize others constructively by making their points clear in a comment and also suggest a possible way out. They don’t bad mouth others.

5. Regulars:- These are set of people that are always online, they comment on every post even if it was posted at midnight, they struggle for first to comment and most times their comments are‎ shallow because they are in hurry to post a comment.

6. Mr Perfect:- These type of people likes correcting mistakes, they wait patiently for people’s mistake before they comment, they correct others in such a way that can annoy them.

7. Add:- you can add yours.
Blessed year for us all.

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