Sunday, 24 January 2016

Battle Rapper Cadalack Ron Passes Away

Battle Rapper Cadalack Ron Passes Away

Cadalack Ron was known for his often beloved/criticized lyrical content and personality.

Known battle rapper Cadalack Ron has passed away, according to numerous sources including and the official King Of The Dot Facebook page.
Born Robert Paulson, the Los Angeles-based emcee's cause of death is currently unknown but his presence in the battle rap world is renown. He often confronted conflict in music rather than stepping back and was both criticized and beloved by those who followed his career. KOTD remembered him as "a friend, a brother, a son and perhaps most importantly, a father" when he wasn't doing music.
Last October, in celebration of Halloween, Daylyt shot Cadalack Ron in the face with a paintball gun at the “Malcolm X Vs. Klansman” battle. Ron began his performance by attempting to burning a gay pride flag. Shortly before, he prefaced the battle and any potential controversy about it by calling decimating Ku Klux Klansmen.
Through his music, Ron gave fans and critics a piece of who he was and often described the trials and tribulations he experienced throughout his life. He also highlighted the good times and his uniqueness like in the song "Rare Dude."

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