Thursday, 28 January 2016

How the premier league title race will end according to new statistics

A U.S company stimulated statistics has revealed that Arsenal will win the league, Leicester will finish in the top four, Man United will miss out on the Champions League again and Norwich, Sunderland and Villa will be at the bottom of  the table.

The predicted table is based on each premier league match for the remainder of the season being simulated 10,000 times to get a vital statistics. According to it, Arsenal  are in pole position to win the Premier League this season despite currently being three points off league leaders Leicester, The Gunners have  a 45.3 percent chance of finishing top of the table, three percent better than Manchester City.  However it's bad news for  Manchester United, as the statistics suggest they'll miss out on champions league for the second time in three years, with Tottenham and Leicester filling the other top four spots.

According to this same report,  Leicester have just a 4.4 percent chance to finishing top of the league, less than 5.6 percent chance of a very fit Spurs, United have a 48 per cent chance of making the top four, but are predicted to fall two points short of Leicester in fourth spot, and despite their bad start to the season, Chelsea still have a 3.3 per cent chance to make the Champions League.

At the other end of the table, Aston Villa stand next to no chance to surviving the drop. The statistics claim that they have a 99 per cent chance to going down, Sunderland are poised to follow them down, while  Norwich and Newcastle will battle it out to the end.

The Premier League predicted standings

  1. Arsenal, 74.8 points
  2. Manchester City, 74.1
  3. Tottenham Hotspur, 68.3
  4. Leicester City, 67.1
  5. Manchester United, 65.1
  6. Liverpool, 61.2
  7. Chelsea, 56.5
  8. West Ham United, 54.5
  9. Southampton, 53.2
  10. Stoke City, 51.6
  11. Everton, 51.3
  12. Crystal Palace, 50.1
  13. Watford, 47.2
  14. West Bromwich Albion, 43.6
  15. Swansea City, 42.4
  16. AFC Bournemouth, 38.7
  17. Newcastle United, 37.7
  18. Norwich City, 37.6
  19. Sunderland, 33.4
  20. Aston Villa, 27.

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