Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Police Aren’t Buying Sean Kingston Being Kidnapped By Jeweler

Sean KingstonWhen we last heard from Sean Kingston, he was accusing his jeweler of kidnapping him.
Basically what happened back in November is that Kingston met representatives of Avianne jewelers in a LA parking garage at 2 AM. The purpose of the unusually timed get together was to exchange a watch he had bought but not fully paid for for another cheaper watch.
But something went awry, and Kingston claims the jeweler and his goons took both watches at gunpoint, made him get in their car, and then dumped him out in the street.
The LAPD investigated, but ultimately found Kingston’s story too weird to file any charges. The incident is being a labeled a “civil business dispute.”
So instead of being a kidnap victim, Sean Kingston is just another guy  who can’t pay for his jewelry.

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