Wednesday, 6 January 2016

You won't believe this fitness fanatic is almost 50 (photos)

With her rock hard abs, svelte frame, and not a flab in sight, fitness fanatic, Laura Gordon can easily be mistaken for a fresh young thing, unless she tells you, you won't know she's 48. Unsurprisingly, she is proving a hit on the internet, gaining Instagram followers as quick as she builds muscle and have amassed 451,000 Instagram followers, who she regularly treats to pictures of her working out in tiny shorts and colourful clothes.

 The real estate broker admits that working out is like a second job for her, She said: "I'm not a fitness professional or fitness model and I've never done anything fitness for a career.
"I don't love working out. It is like a job. Being fit is your pay check and the workout is the difficult job to do."

Laura was 23 when she first started exercising. After working in an office for years and spending any time left on the sofa, she felt "things starting to sag". In order to get back into her rhythm, she started doing home workouts DVD's. Since then, she has been working out consistently, the longest she has ever had off is a week. She has no children but has been married for twelve years and admits that her husband, 39, gets worried about unwanted attention or risk of someone stalking her. She has her own gym equipment at home for ease.

Her routine include: Three one-hour sessions of weight training each week. One upper body, one low, and one mixed. Then she does five sessions of video workouts. Nutrition is also essential to her enviable frame as she does not eat unhealthy or junk food, she readily points this out when friends say she's lucky to look so trim, "I explain that I eat healthy food all the time, that's why I'm not fat. Please don't call me lucky for making daily sacrifices that you are not making." She insists it's all natural and none of her photos are doctored and she does not does short cuts to a slim body, in her own words, "Fit teas don't make a person fit, hard work and eating right does."

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