Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kidd Kidd Pleads Guilty To Harassment

Kidd Kidd Pleads Guilty To Harassment
The G-Unit rapper was originally charged with strangulation and assault.
Kidd Kidd pled guilty to harassment today (February 10), according to Daily News.
The G-Unit rapper had been charged with strangulation and assault after allegedly choking and shoving Maurita Robinson at a hotel in Manhattan. 
Kidd Kidd, whose given name is Curtis Stewart, completed a batterer’s program and was offered a non-criminal deal. 
"We're glad the DA's office saw it the way we did, that this should not result in a criminal record,” Kidd Kidd's lawyer, Scott Leemon, said.
The rapper is facing similar charges from Robinson in New Orleans.
Scott Leemon—the attorney for G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd who was arrested in New York City on June 30—has released a statement regarding the rapper’s arrest.
Within the statement, Leemon denounced claims that Kidd Kidd—real name Curtis Stewart—had been arrested on claims of domestic violence.
“The New York allegations are totally baseless,” Scott Leemon said in a statement to XXL. “They were made 4 months later by a woman who has a history of making false allegations against Mr. Stewart. We are confident once the District Attorney’s office investigate the matter, Kidd Kidd will be vindicated.”
The domestic violence allegations are from a woman named Maurita Robinson. According to HipHopEarly, Robinson posted an image to Instagram in early May showcasing what appears to be a bloodied lip. In addition to the picture, Robinson attached the following caption:
“Never let a man put his hands on you never. @50cent good luck getting your woman beater kiddkidd any further than jail. Woman beater unit.”
In response, Kidd Kidd released a video vehemently denying such claims.
In addition to Kidd Kidd’s lawyer releasing a statement, G-Unit have also addressed the matter publicly.
“50 Cent and G-Unit fully support Kidd Kidd in this matter,” the rap group have said, according to XXL.

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