Friday, 4 March 2016

French Montana Clarifies His Comments On Kendrick Lamar And The Grammys

Kendrick Lamar French MontanaFrench Montana meant it when he said all the critical focus on Kendrick Lamar is squeezing out street rap.
But he didn’t mean it as any sort of dig at K.Dot.
In a Breakfast Club interview last week, French said that he thought the Grammys — and the music industry in general — was favoring Kendrick because they prefer his type of conscious rap.
Talking to TMZ yesterday, French insisted that his comments had nothing to do with any animus toward or beef with Lamar.
“Each style of rap, whether it be street rap, conscious rap, trap, or anything else should be looked at equally as being hip-hop.” he told TMZ. “All of these artists should be acknowledged, rather than singling out an individual, whether it be Kendrick or anyone else.”
Do you agree?

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