Thursday, 2 June 2016

couch: Word of the day for June 2, 2016

couch , v :
To lie down; to recline (upon a couch or other place of repose). (archaic) To lie down for concealment; to conceal, to hide; to be concealed; to be included or involved darkly or secretly. To bend the body, as in reverence, pain, labor, etc.; to stoop; to crouch. (transitive) To lay something upon a bed or other resting place. (transitive) To arrange or dispose as if in a bed. (transitive) To lay or deposit in a bed or layer; to bed. (transitive) To lower (a spear or lance) to the position of attack. (ophthalmology, transitive) In the treatment of a cataract in the eye, to displace the opaque lens with a sharp object such as a needle. The technique is regarded as largely obsolete. (paper-making, transitive) To transfer (for example, sheets of partly dried pulp) from the wire mould to a felt blanket for further drying. (sewing, transitive) To attach a thread onto fabric with small stitches in order to add texture. To phrase in a particular style; to use specific wording for.

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