Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tyler, The Creator Takes A Big Shot At 50 Cent While Discussing Nostalgia

Tyler 50 Cent

Tyler, The Creator is the subject a big feature article in this month’s Rolling Stone.
In the piece, he talks Odd Future (“Niggas grow,” he said of the collective’s demise), and also addressed the criticism of his latest album Cherry Bomb, which he believes stems from folks having their head in the past

“We get stuck in nostalgia,” Tyler said. “I wish Pharrell could make In My Mind a million times, but it makes me appreciate him so much that he’s not stuck. 50 Cent was stuck, trying to make the same album three times and now look.”
As you know, Fif declared bankruptcy earlier this year.
While 50 is certainly a solid example of a rapper who may have failed to evolve, he’s also one who’s going to strike back on social when you speak his name like that.
You think Tyler is ready?

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